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πŸ” How do I enable Two-factor Authentication?
πŸ” How do I enable Two-factor Authentication?
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Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security to your account. To learn more about what Two-factor Authentication is, please see here.

To enable 2FA on your account.

  1. Navigate to User Settings.

  2. Select the Security tab.

  3. Select the Configure button next to Two-factor Authentication.

You will be presenting with a QR code to scan. Scan this code with your 2FA application, then type the code your 2FA application shows.

You will also be asked to save a unique Recovery Code. This code can be used to access your account, should you not have access to your 2FA application. It's important you copy and store this code somewhere safe.

Once completed successfully, 2FA will be active on your account.

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